polycore egg chair outdoor version

Arne Jacobsen [1902 – 1971] was a Danish architect and furniture designer. He is internationally known for his contributions to architecture and furniture design, especially in the mid-20th century modernist style. The egg chair is one of his greatest accomplishments. Arne's egg chair has so many features which we would see soon...

This what the egg chair looks like!

Its defining characteristic comes in the form of sides that curve upwards. But, that’s just the least obvious detail. A lot of contemporary chairs have rotating, swiveling, and tilting functions, which are amazing features. Similarly, egg chairs have stable platforms with hydraulic levers for controlling height. They look like typical office chairs and can fill that role quite nicely. Their back support is exceptional, enabling you to relax while working. The base of the chair is a flat stand for stability and a swivel for a 360 scope of vision. 

There are many places to keep your egg chair!
The appeal also lies in its high versatility. We have talked about this earlier. But we want you give you more details on how and where you can use your egg chair. These chairs are suited to fit all kinds of living or working environments. Egg chairs are known for being visually pleasing as well as comfortable.